10th anniversary of Hong Kong International Spring lighting fair, lighting industry creates more opportunities

2018-04-23 00:00

HKTDC the 10th international spring lighting fair of Hong Kong, held at the convention of Hong Kong and exhibition's center from April 6 to April 9, More than 1,300 exhibitors are expected to come here, presenting the latest lighting products to global buyers, in 2017, the exhibition attracted nearly 21,000 buyers from 115 countries and regions to visit and purchase.

Industry generally is optimistic about the prospects of home lighting and smart lighting

Conducted a questionnaire survey at the end of 2017, visit the industry's views on the outlook of lighting market. The report points out that the product with the greatest potentiality for growth in 2018 is home lighting (29% of respondents). In response to the need to replace old lighting products with LED lamps, more than half of the respondents in the industry (55%) believe that indoor home lighting will be the biggest beneficial category, as for the views of the development in the future, the vast majority of respondents (93%) believe that smart technology will help the development of lighting industry in the next two years.

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Thematic area of exhibition, it is easy to purchase.

This year, the exhibition continues to gather top lighting brands, Show the latest series in an elegant, extraordinary setting, the well-known lighting brands of the exhibition include: Graffiti intelligence, Mulinsen, TCL lighting and SKY-LIGHTING. Interior designers, architects, and fashion retailers can all find high-quality, stylish fixtures here.

In order to enhance the purchasing efficiency of buyers, the exhibition will also re-plan some  areas of the exhibition this year. Including home lighting, professional lighting and urban and architectural lighting areas of exhibition; adds the original Chandelier, decorative Lighting, advertising lighting and commercial lighting pavilion, the exhibition has divided lighting products into sections for specific uses. Making it easier for buyers to search for related lamps, parts and accessories.

In addition, the new lighting exhibition of plants  will display a variety of different plants. It can be used as a professional or domestic growing lamp of plant, and lights of garden and related lighting products, smart lighting products continue to be very popular, the smart Lighting and lighting pavilion will continue to show a variety of new lighting systems this year. Remote control and smart lighting to meet market needs.

The concept of the focused product "Internet of Things", the functions of smart lighting systems are becoming more diversified. The industry also introduced different related accessories to help users achieve intelligent lighting at home more easily, tronico technology company limited (Exhibitor ID: 3D-C06) will bring a control of light switch, using a professional technology of single line, supportting multiple lighting loads such as incandescent lamps, dimmable LED lamps, etc. The user does not need to change the lamp panel in the home, with this control, wireless control and scene control can both be achieved. enjoy the convenience of intelligent lighting control easily.

LED lighting is another major lighting trend, and its technology can be applied not only to lighting products.  can be extended to design of furniture, adding another different feeling to them, Moonlite Furniture Co., Ltd (Exhibitor ID: 1B-D05) will bring a series of stainless steel LED furniture, in addition to the chandelier, full-length mirror, coffee table and so on. The series uses stainless steel as the main material, using a modern minimalist design. Designers add LED lights to the edges of the furniture, not only look more modern but also add to the actual function of lighting.

In addition to being used as a lighting fixture, lamps can enhance the taste of life. The Eye Speaker (Exhibitor ID: 1E-D01) brought by Mooni Limited is one example. It is a unique lantern that looks like an eyeball, users can carry it to different places for lighting purposes; at the same time it has a built-in speaker, Can support the playback of effects of stereo's sound, with soft lights for the sublimation's effect of different occasions' atmosphere.

Activities of industry's information

During the exhibition, the conference will hold a series of exchanges and information's activities. This includes the "Asian lighting conference" co-organized with the electronic division of the Hong Kong association of electronic technology and the Institution of Engineers in Hong Kong. The topics covered include development of the lighting industry in the future and the application of smart lighting. The conference will also hold several seminars and forums to deconstruct the development's opportunities of the global market and explain the latest certification and testing information for lighting products.