Several Major Changes Of Messe Frankfurt

2018-03-20 00:00

In terms of brand’s image of Messe Frankfurt 2016,the change of China's lighting business is gratifying,high-quality enterprises that located in the 10.1 Asian boutique area are decorated Luxuriously and with big booth,the current issue of intellectual property has also been obviously improved.Making that the German customs has few profit and reflecting the increasingly concept of intellectual property of domestic enterprises.

In aspect of exhibition’s effect, there are a considerable number of exhibitions can be called "tasteless", you can see the people who are in your same industry,but you has few gains, while if you don’t go there ,you may have a pity, it has slightly damage. However, Light + Building is currently the most globally attractive platform of communication and trading in the lighting industry. In 2016 it has more than 2,500 exhibitors, The audience is more than 200,000 people. On the one hand, greatly reduce the cost of business meetings with customers, On the other hand, it opens up windows for many new players who likes international markets.

Author also visited market of local home building materials SEGMULLER, Lighting products occupy a considerable area of a layer.

In aspect of brand of light source, brands of OSRAM and PHILIPS have a large market share, followed by  own brand Muller Licht of the mall, there are also some LED products of Toshiba and Briliant.

the vast majority of LED products is from China, part of some sources of thermal radiation of Philips comes from Poland and France, OSRAM Halogen lamps was manufactured by the plant of Augsburg, thus the price is relatively expensive.

In aspect of Product, it is hard to find Incandescent lamps, E14 and E27 with halogen lamp is the main traditional products, Whether prices of the former or lamp cup of GU10, MR16 are relatively stable, its price is between 2-4 euro. The high-cost and efficient halogen tungsten lamp hasn’t been it is visible that Value for money has been the king of the market.

Compared with two years ago, the type of compact fluorescent lamp is more scarce, it has lower prices, Straight tube T8 fluorescent lamps and T5  ring fluorescent lamp is still on sale.

LED light’s prices has further dropped,the price is mostly between the 6-10 euros, and the price of some LED products has been very close to the the traditional products of same parameters, LED filament lamps is popular due to the market’s strong demand,All brands are on sale, the price is greatly reduced than two years ago, The current price is between 7 and 10 euros.

Lamps are almost all LED products, it has various kinds, which is mainly for home-style lamps with modern style, Classical style chandeliers are also on sale. As a whole, the prices of lamps and lanterns are expensive.

In addition, Whether traditional productsor LED products are mostly warm white options, consumption’s habit of europeans that they like low-color temperature are still ingrained.