Countdown of Frankfurt Lighting Fair,The most powerful drama,where is the future of suppliers

2018-03-01 00:00

With the Internet of things, Internet +.concepts of Smart cities are avatar,lighting market of Billions of dollars has also become a battleground of Major companies, Frankfurt’s lighting show the world's largest lighting and building electrical exhibition,light + building 2018 that hold every two years Will be held on March 18 at the exhibition’s Center of Frankfurt for a period of 6 days.


The current Frankfurt Lighting Fair will focus on the purpose"Mutual chain - safe - convenient," Introducing a new theme,With a new hall of exhibition .As the world's largest lighting and building technology and exhibitions of equipment, Light + Building pays close attention to "intelligence of daily life"And " harmony of aesthetic and practical",it is to improve economic efficiency of building,meeting the user's needs


Of comfort and security.Then solutions of intelligent network,the future of cutting-edge technology and popular designing trends will be presented one by one.Light + Building is based on innovation,Convergence of various types of low-energy building system of equipment,Promoting integrated building planning,display unparalleled longitudinal and horizontal series of product.


Accompanied by the rapid development of the industry, medium-term’s progress of 2018 Light + Building is very present, the industry’s leading enterprises have already signed up for participating in the fair,2,600 exhibitors are expected to announce to the world about their latest research and creative design in lighting, electrical technology and home and building automation.Mr. Ma Fukang, President and Chief Executive Officer of exhibition’s Corporation of Frankfurt commented:Light + Building was setted up for ambitious ideas and decisive developments.therefore i feel very happy about the positive feedback from exhibitors.I believe this year Light + Building will demonstrate its irreplaceable position of leadership in the industry once again.


technology of Security is one of the core topics of this exhibition,how to combine each system,Such as the interconnection of realization of video surveillance and access control,and integrate it into the building system of automation,it iss an important issue that concerns the vital interests of industry and this end,for the first time,2018 Light + Building will create a focus on integrated building services’s technology at Pavilion 9.1,let the audience grasp the context of automation and electrical security’s technology of houses and buildings,In addition, from March 19 to March 22, 2018 and over the same period,it will launch a new four-day special exhibition "SECURE!Security of Building and Forum of Intersec, in addition to the concentrated show of Hall 9.1,each of the top manufacturers in the area of security’s equipment will also visit the various  halls of exhibition in the Frankfurt,Showing its latest results of research,The exhibition’s site prepared a brochure"leading to security’s technology",audience can quickly lock all exhibitors.


Special exhibition "SECURE! Building’s Security" is aimed explainning solution of innovative technology to viewers and economic efficiency of the building and association of the user's using needs,In addition to product’s display of exhibitors, Special exhibition will start from the three aspects of hotel, office and industrial,gathering security and all aspects of the user’s interface.


In this Light + Building,lighting products will focus on showing the most cutting-edge lighting design’s trends and first-class design’s specialty of exhibitors,thanks to the digital development,lighting design opens the door of the new world, innovation of lighting equipment is therefore focused on people's needs.The human-based lighting (HCL) is an example and It focuses particularly on the effects of lighting on people's health, behavior and comfort.


Similarly, digitization is also the key to lighting management of street,it is the basis of many other services,including toll station of electronic transportation,wireless LAN,monitoring of Sensor,  emergency loudspeaker and one-key-alarm.This street lamp with Various auxiliary functions provides a vivid concept for lighting of smart city,the building of a smart city is crucial.


From Hall 1 (Design’s Zone of Trend ) to Hall 6,plus Hall 10 and area of forum, exhibitors of Light + Building bring a variety of lighting design,and technical lighting and lighting that is suitable for all kinds of scenes and many types of lighting parts and outdoor lighting products.


Intelligent daily life


Construction and operation of smart and connected buildings,Electrical technology and building automation are important,electrification technology is across every technical areas,which is oriented with the overall solution,Playing a key role in building technology and equipment.such as lighting, building automation and technology of other areas,Integrated with electrification solutions is a unique feature of Light + is benefit from this cross-cutting convergence,We can see complete product line of various fields in the exhibition,it has deep meaning for greatest energy-saving potentiaity of exploring buildings.


Because of the concentration of various technical categories,the building automation also plays a key role,increasingly digital, increasingly interconnected electrical equipment enhances the quality of life and work.Light + Building presents energy-efficient and modern equipment of security and the solution at the same time,it also concerned about the residential experience and personalized requirements,In Hall 8.0,professional buyers can find plenty of energy-efficient solutions of building system,Electrification equipment and building infrastructure;In Exhibit 11.0,Every piece of exhibits revolves around electrification equipment and networking technology;The pavilion 11.1 will focus on the display of electrical equipment and building systems.


In addition to a large number of products that brought by exhibitors, Light + Building also organizes various concurrent events, Such as special exhibition, lectures of expert and show of popular trends , etc.,, for every visitor, including architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, designers, builders, and trade and industry stakeholders.