From 2017 HongKong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) to view trend of LED lighting market's development

2018-03-22 00:00

Charm value of the 19th Hong Kong Lighting Fair is still rising, according to statistics, fair of the autumn lights gathered 2670 companies from 38 countries and regions, New exhibitors, including Denmark and South Africa, whose scale are among the largest in history, International Lighting Fair of Hong Kong's Autumn organized 78 buyers groups through organization of network of overseas offices, Invited over 7,600 important buyers from different countries and regions to visit two exhibitions and purchases in Hong Kong.

Lighting Fair of Autumn attracted buyers from all over the world to visit and purchase, with a warm atmosphere of negotiation and exchanging ideas in Venues.


This article takes you from different angles to review this lighting event, To help you understand the lighting industry in Hong Kong.

Tang Guoqing: China is strong and the world is bright

Expert of Lighting industry teacher Tang Guoqing should be invited by Council of development of Hong Kong's Trade. To participate in autumn’s light show, the following is his comment and interpretation after watching the show.

Lamp of Mosquito: LED lights can repellent mosquito? Earlier I have heard a big brother of the semiconductor Zhang Rujing,Once vigorously promoted, Professor Wang Guangxu of Nanchang University (Jiang Fengyi personally trained), he also have introduced, Their yellow light of silicon-based , was selected by customers. It is said: the wavelength of mosquito lamp is about 585, the color’s temperature is between 3000K. It is also said that they can be effective for 30 minutes, Believe it or not? One summer, hundreds of thousands of mosquito died out. So I was wondering: Did you beat a tiger and also kill a fly?

The Puzzle lights: magic puzzle lights, can spell the ever-changing colors, Using technology of intelligent control with imaginative composition. rail Renaissance car with high-speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the roof of the car has the blue sky and white clouds is work from my friend’s friend of shanxi, the creation is really good, but unfortunately it is still. If made into a dynamic effect, LED display is preferred, but the electricity is not enough. Projection? With not enough space. I am confused for several days and i have seen it today. Immediately, now, just call, let them have a hand in hand If they have fate.

Lamp of filament: Can be described as the domestic flowering with foreign incense, in the first floor of the showroom, foreigner’s company likes hanging lamp of filament, pay attention!Is pinched on the lighting, see the light, see lamp, Also let a "dummy" to play the piano, ye let robot do that? which is Unlike some domestic companies, nude naked, sincere talk. I think, if you want to have a atmosphere beween light and lamp, lamp of the filament is a goodmatch. Everything can not be too hasty, the export was converted into domestic sales, but is also the heavy taste of Chinese people, I believe that do not need many days, millions of families will like it. Because of the mood, style, lighting of accent , but also needs of a better life.

Hong-Kong-International-Lighting-Fair-Spring-Edition 2.jpg

Home lamp:  market of Home lamp seems are more and more attractive, The good days for SMEs to dominate the market seems to be gone.Originally  designer of LED lighting has strange exclusion of LED, after that he likes very much, LED, can make you think you think,Self-willed. Czochralski, ring, color, wear caps, capsules and so on, Nowadays, coupled with Internet + of cross-border, home lighting or the light at home,It likes an indispensable partner in your life. Adding this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine, which was awarded to the three American scientists who cracked the biological clock code, which may be another boost to home lighting in the future.

Decorative lights: that is, after the modification of the lamps, it likes that green leaf help fuchsia, safflower is the lamp, we are assure that the LED light source has no much doubt, the basic is the world of Chinese enterprises, China is strong, then the world is bright. No matter how foreigners work hard, but it is only the icing on the cake. However, and in areas of lighting is very different, which has great historical differences and differences between foreign cultures, Some articles can be finished. A major feature of the show is an array of dazzling, all kinds of lamps and lanterns are Eye-catching, it deserves the designer to watch the scene.

Other highlights

It is also observed that, in lighting products, which compared with last year, companies of exhibition that show the plant lighting-related products also have increased significantly. Many domestic and foreign buyers also be interested in plant lighting, and they have negotiations.

In addition, LED, smart lighting and environmental protection products are still attractive products at the fair, it can be also said that the lighting industry is another trend.

The current autumn light show was divided into several exhibitions, which focused on a variety of innovative and personalized lighting, convenient for buyers to lock the target for procurement.

Gallery shows over 650 Hong Kong and internationally famous brands;

The "LED Lighting & Eco-lighting" Pavilion has more than 1,100 exhibitors, it likes a Convergence of various types of energy-saving LED lamps, as well as the market's latest environmental protection and energy-saving programs;

Area of the new "LED lighting components", for manufacturers to collect all kinds of LED components such as lighting accessories, transformers, etc .;

The "smart lighting and lighting solutions" area, the display of stylish lighting design, software, management’s systems and intelligent lighting design and so on.

Style of exhibitors Export situation of Hong Kong Lighting

Zhou Qiliang, vice president of Development of Hong Kong’s Trade said that this year's lighting exports in Hong Kong performed well, The first three quarters have rised from 4.7% to HK $ 7.32bn while mature markets such as the United States (+ 11.5%), the Netherlands (+ 43.2%), Sweden (+ 23.7%), All achieved double-digit increases. Then In emerging markets like Algeria and Poland, the increases were as high as 63.3% and 141% respectively.

According to that Zhou Qiliang said, Hong Kong will sign a free trade agreement with ASEAN next month, I believe it will further promote trade between Hong Kong and the ASEAN’s countries, lighting industry will be benefit from that. In September 2017, Hong Kong's exports of lighting products to ASEAN reached HK $ 338 million.the Hongkang's exports to Thailand and Vietnam increased to 30.9% and 22.3%.