Lighting Fair of Frankfurt need waygather Exhibitors Reports

2018-03-01 00:00

There are more than 2,600 companies that will appear in the world at the Lighting Fair of Frankfurt. Among the approximately 220,000 tourists,Nearly 50% come from other countries beside Germany.The main group of visitors is the architect,Interior architects, designers, planners and engineers, as well as industry of retail and wholesale ,and representatives of industry .


Light + Building is an innovative international show,Covers all systems of services of power building,To promote the overall planning of system of building services ,And it is unique in breadth and depth.The show will show solutions to reduce energy consumption of building,At the same time improve the level of comfort,The show covers everything from LED and photovoltaic technology.By combining lighting with services of networked building,The industry can provide a complete range of products and services,In order to fully excavate the potentiality of energy saving of building to make an important contribution.


The Lighting Fair of Frankfurt represents the biggest stage in thelighting market of the world,Range of exhibition include a variety of styles of design lamps,Technical lighting in various forms and for various uses,as well as a large number of components and accessories of technical lighting , including outdoor and street lighting.Waygather for the status of each lighting show,Combined with Advantage of own Internet of Waygather and years of experience of lighting industry, Report of Exhibitor of Waygather was developed!


Report of Exhibitor of Waygather is a free research tool,To help select and compare China's professional exhibitors of lighting industry,According to the distribution of the exhibitors of each major exhibitions,report of Exhibitor of Waygather sort out the booths and information of Chinese lighting exhibitors,making into a map!Allows users to see the distribution of all Chinese exhibitors more quickly and intuitively,If you would like to know their details (eg annual exports, main products ,exported areas , etc.),Just by clicking on the map and all the reports about the exhibitor will be presented to you!


Report of Exhibitor of Waygather only organize and classify data of Chinese customs.