2018 Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition Live: Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry

2018-06-27 00:00

Introduction: With the development of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, the LED industry is going to embrace change. The definition of lighting is far more than illumination. As a bellwether for the global lighting industry, the 23rd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition(GILE), which was opened on June 9th in Pazhou, Guangzhou, with the theme being “Illumination Change” which is a status quo in recent lighting industry.

What industry directions can you see from the LED technologies displayed in the GILE? The editor will bring you to a unique light show.

LED technologies have become an indispensable part of our life. And the LED industry still has rising momentum in 2018. The Internet of Things technology has brought lighting to many industries and integrated it into them. Lighting technologies can be tools for many industries. In this exhibition, the frequently concerned hot technologies, like smart city, smart home lighting, landscape lighting, plant lighting, urban lighting, connected lighting, were all displayed. 

Smart City is More than a concept. The Cool Light-Show Was Exceptionally Eye-catching

Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry.png 

Smart city technology involves many industries, and lighting is only a small part. However, it is closely related to us, as we cannot live without light every day. As the exhibitor introduced, although their lighting is not as beautiful as many light shows, their simple and environmentally friendly concept revealed by it is also a part of the urban living environment.

 Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry1.png

Smart Home Connected Lighting

This is a photo about two staff of a brand introducing their clients to an application of the smart home connected lighting. Relevant products feature the harmonious color of light and the control through Bluetooth.

 Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry2.png

In the age of the Internet of Things, there is no doubt that lighting control will become easier and more convenient.

Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry3.png 

Urban Landscape Architecture Lighting

The Urban architectural landscape is the strenuous work of designers, yet in recent years, too much light rendering leads to the lack of architectural aesthetics. This exhibitor introduced that, while designing a lighting solution for buildings, they took full account of the features of buildings and their daylighting. At night, the beauty of buildings can also be enjoyed.

 Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry4.png

Plant Lighting

LED technologies not only change people’s lives but also make the whole ecology more harmonious. Several cases of plant lighting in GILE clearly indicate the future of environmental protection, and that the plant care can be realized by technologies.

The lighting solution presented by the enterprise below enables plants and animals to grow better with the care by light control. In the future, the light will turn out to be more harmonious and easy to control.

 Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry5.png

Urban Lighting

Light is not only a tool for urban lighting but also a vehicle for people to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In this exhibition, exhibitors either attracted the attention of the audience through cool light changes or displayed the latest technical solution to help us preview the city in the future.

Of course, from the angle of green and health, favorable lighting in the future is not merely the colorful light. Out lighting needs in life are many-sided. The lighting solution showed below, for example, is harmonious and sweet. It is also very popular in some specific scenes.

 Internet of Things Revolutionizes LED Lighting Industry6.png