Participate in the Frankfurt show,everyone need report of exhibitor from

2018-03-19 00:00

Messe Frankfurt is the world's largest lighting and building electrical exhibition.Since its first launch in 1999,once every two years,It is one of the most important international exhibitions in the professional field and one of the most influential international exhibitions in the is the most professional in architecture and technology,The unique concept of Lighting Fair of Frankfurt of Germany is to put all the architectural design,called lighting and Electroplating technology,house and automation of building are integrated into the same show,providing the most comprehensive overall planning for exhibitors and visitors from three aspects at the same time.

With lighting market of the world continuing to expand,Lamps, lighting and trade of electric light  have increased year by year,Of course, all over the world including Germany,The demand for environmentally friendly and energy-saving lamps more and more strong.2015 was the peak of LED into the family and the next decade will be the golden age of of OLED will have great development in the next two years, after the current 1000 hours ,the brightness will decline 30%,Therefore, the advent of era of application also need one to two years,but he thinks that the advantages of OLED are great,in the future will change the LED lighting industry together with OLED,The lighting exhibition of Frankfurt of Germany is highest technical arena of lighting industry of the world,With a guiding role,The products displayed will represent the highest level of lighting industry and the direction of lighting industry in the future.

So why are you coming here?

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I believe many of my friends will say: exhibitors who are in today's increasingly electronic era,which Is a place where buyers and sellers can truly come together!Or a friend will tell me:theme of exhibition  is highly concentrated,The target audience is clear,So the show is a very cost-effective trading platform.

So do you really understand the lighting suppliers at the show?Are the data that they provide objective and valid?Waygather has its own nearly 20 years experience in the lighting industry,Combined with  demand point from customer who participate in the show.Developed " Report of exhibitor of waygather " using the advantages of the Internet! report of exhibitor of Waygather can let customers of exhibition to see the details of report of the Chinese lighting exhibitors at any time,(For example: annual exports, the main products,exporting place and other information).

Waygather Exhibitor Report merely classified customs data of the Chinese lighting industry.Is a free and efficient tool for research and analysis of exhibitors of Chinese lighting,Help Customers who will participate in the show to understand needed exhibitors of Chinese lighting more objectively and directly.

So, have you used the report of waygather?Start to use it now,it is free!