Grasping opportunities for the development of lighting market of African

2018-03-23 00:00

With increasing degree of electrification in the African continent, Sales of lighting products of  lighting market of African have increased significantly.with the increase of the number of middle-class of Africans,it can be used as illumination and Lighting products that be used for decoration which are also gradually opening up markets in Africa.

The development of market of building materials of lamp of Africa is mainly driven by the following factors.

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Urbanization accelerates opportunities behind

Urbanization is becoming a trend of development of Africa,According to report of Economic Outlook of Africa of 2016 that released by Development Bank of African,By 2050, urbanization rate of Africa is expected to reach 60%.A report that published by the Economic Research of Oxford Institute also pointed out,With the rapid growth of population,The african continent is expected to become the area of fastest growing urbanization in the world.

Behind the acceleration of urbanization of Africa,Means that the birth of more consumptio

Of level of urbanization,But as an important product that reflects the level of consumption of urbanization,African cities will need more lighting products.

Revolution of the consumer brought by the middle class

With the increasing number of middle-class of African,Africa is no longer a depression of low-end consumption.From satisfying the living expenses to satisfying consumption of life,The middle class of Africa has greater spaces of choices in choice of consumer and a higher tastes of consumer.This has pushed the release of potential of market of the high-end consumer goods of Africa. potential of Lighting market thus has further opened.

Business opportunities behind boom of real estate

In recent years,industry of real estate of Africa is experiencing Prosperous development.Whether residential or commercial,the size is constantly expanding.And more large and luxurious

business and high-end residential building,which Means that need more lighting fixtures,However, at present, the manufacturing capacity of local lamps and lanterns of Africa is limited, production capacity of lighting products that has higher requirements is scarce,This can be seen from market data.

About the export of lamps and lanterns from China  to Africa.

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