Analysis of LED lighting market of Africa

2018-04-04 00:00

LED lighting of Africa's mainland, the development of OLED lighting market is actually quite rapid. More than most people's cognition. In 2015,Africa's LED, OLED display and lighting market's output has reached 685 million U.S. dollars. It is estimated that CAGR will be 17.8% between 2016 and 2026. due to that the policy support is gradually warming up, the new LED lighting plan of government is gradually gush, these factors support together the growth of the African lighting market.

If the market is divided, the African LED and markets of OLED will be categorized by display and products of light, Display part, can be divided into mobile displays's device, television of consumer, outdoor LED display / LED display. Part of lighting products, can be divided into product categories, Product categories can be divided into LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED fixtures, solar LED lighting. As for the application of other parts, it can be divided into lamps of street, downlights, garden lighting, ceiling lamps, decorative and portable lighting, other types.


WayGather said that the importance of current lighting market in Africa, In 2015, the market size of consumer television was 130 million U.S. dollars. Estimated that by 2026, The growth rate of annual compound will come to 18.8%. On the other hand, due to the gradual development of solar power outside the grid in the market of africa. This will contribute to the development of consumer's markets in rural areas of Africa.

As for lighting, LED market of africa in 2015, the overall market value of LED bulbs reached 194 million U.S. dollars. Estimated that by 2026, the annual compound's growth rate of solar LED lighting market is expected to reach 28.6%. In terms of product's applications, street lamps accounted for the highest proportion of the lighting market of africa in 2015, up to 37.6%.

In Africa's LED, OLED displays, manufacturers of lighting market, Including the big LED manufacturers Cree (Cree) in the United States, Samsung Electronics, GE Lighting, Sharp, Osram, Daktronics, Eaton, LG Display, Belgium Barco, Luceco Ltd, LED Lighting SA, Eagle Lighting and so on, are still great potential markets.