5 Tips for LED Lighting Fixture Distributors to Survive the Fierce Market Competition

2018-07-12 00:00

Nowadays, competition among lighting fixture industry has been increasingly fierce. The intensity of industry reform has resulted in the situation of the strong continue being strong. In the trend of survival of the fittest, 5 tips are provided for a lighting fixture distributor, such as a led bulb distributor


Originality is a magic weapon for a lighting company to remain invincible forever in the market competition. Although many related companies have their own design teams, the perfect combination of “Product-Culture-Life” is always unsuccessfully achieved, further rendering most of the lighting fixtures indistinctive. These products may appear to be the same or similar, and seldom of them would stand out. This leads to their failure to free themselves from the vicious competition of homogeneity. Therefore, build an original brand is the key to success.


The cultural industrial economy with culture as the core is developing rapidly, and the products containing cultural meaning and satisfying people’s spiritual enjoyment are well-received. Accordingly, high value-added lighting fixtures that highlight cultural taste is a big trend in future marketing.


Satisfying customers’ individual needs has always been a reflection of enterprise strength and an important means to enhance the stickiness between brands and customers. The reduction of brand loyalty and the increase of individual demands has deposed consumers to not merely concern about the designed product functions, but more, to pursue the combination of perceptual wisdom and values. If one can progress further in the improvement of products and services in a moderate manner around the needs of consumers, in other words, to launch personalized customization services, greater value will be obtained from individual consumers.

Sales Model Innovation

Experience sales is currently the best marketing model. As consumers have appeared to be of more and more self-awareness, what really forms their purchasing choices is the deep experience and understanding of products. Therefore, taking the sensory experience of consumers as the breakthrough to launch in-depth experience marketing, will not only reduce the tug of war in traditional bargaining, but also increase the favor of customers to stores.

Cross-Industrial Mixed Business

Such a type of business can not only break the tradition to achieve resource integration, but also complement the advantages of each other, so as to achieve differential marketing which will bring unexpected results.

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