Philips Luminaries(Chengdu) Co..Ltd.

  • 2012-05-18
  • 1,455,604 USD
  • High Bay Lights, Flood Lights, Lighting Fixture, Street Lights, Downlights, Projector Lights, Linear Lighting Fixtures, Spotlights, Under Ground Lights, Garden Lights, Tri-proof Lights, Wall Washer Lights, Cornel Lights, Grille Lights, LED Linear Strips, Tunnel Lights, Table Lights, Reading Lights, Purified Lights, Pool Lights, Explosion-proof Lights , Point Lights, Ceiling Lights, Lawn Lights, LED Drivers, Panel Lights, Wall Lights, Car Lights
  • Annual Export Sales USD 310,246,405 Patent Quantity 0 Plaintiff-Defendant Unknown

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